Ofstead Rating

We were rated ‘Outstanding’ in our latest Ofsted inspection. 

Comments we are particularly proud of include:

  • Children flourish in an environment that is exciting for them. The outside play area is particularly well resourced, and gives children first-rate opportunities to be physically active in a wide range of play activities which provide measured risk and challenge.
  • Staff know children exceptionally well. They have high expectations of what children can achieve and plan very successfully for their future development. Children are highly motivated, inquisitive and independent learners.
  • Accurate assessments of children's progress are used to provide highly stimulating activities to support their development. Children who have special educational needs receive excellent support from staff and make significant progress in their learning.
  • The key person system is exceptionally effective. Parents and children have excellent relationships with their key person, who plays a very important part in the life of individual families. Children's moves into the nursery and into school are supported extremely sensitively. This contributes significantly to providing security and stability for children.
  • There are highly effective arrangements to ensure parents play a full and active role in their children's early learning. Information about the progress that children are making in the nursery and at home is shared extremely well.
  • The manager and deputy manager are dynamic, and staff are highly motivated. They have a very clear goal for continuous improvement in the high-quality provision.


To view the full Ofsted inspection report, please click here.

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